The planning committee for Costume-Con 35 has been assembled from costumers and event planners from all over our community. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to our staff!

2017 Chair
Mark Tjan

Treasurer & Director of the SF&F Masquerade
Maral Agnerian

Directors of the Historical Masquerade
Erica and Sunil Pai

Directors of the Future Fashion Folio
Amanda Irwin

Director of the Single Pattern Contest
Kevin Brewer

Director of the Friday Night Social
Lindsay Barker

Programming Director
Dawn McKechnie

Single Pattern Contest MC
Kevin Brewer

SF&F Masquerade MC
Gordon Rose

Historical & Future Fashion Folio MC
Candace Black

Technical Stage Manager
Andrew Stodden

A/V Managers
Kent Wong
Johnny James Woo

Head Stage Ninjas
Jean-Luc Larose
Mackenzie Keelor

Operations & Ninjas
Michael Dy
Bonnie Balu
Ashwin Balu
David Wang
Henry Wong
Michelle Nguyen
Krista Clark
Valerie Hansen-Sinfield
Kelsey Johnson
Kevin Croocock
Christine McKechnie
Lucie Fontaine
Lesley Middleton

Doll Programming
Donna Bandow
Wenda Tulloch
Jennine Kafka
Sabrina Conley
Ariel Brittany

Quilts & Capes
Lisa Ashton

Vendor Coordinator
Regan Avis

Hotel Liaison
Natalie Wallace

Con Suite
Eileen McEvoy
Nasim Kaya
Holly Walton

Green Room Manager
Eric Brine

Vic Albisharat
Alex Rose
Aesees KB

Eric Cannon
Dan Charrington
Mark Tjan

Publications & Design
Mark Tjan
Ashley Ann Swaby
Lindsay Barker

Dining Guide
Lloyd Penney
Yvonne Penney

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