CC35 Planning Committee

The planning committee for Costume-Con 35 has been assembled from costumers and event planners from all over our community. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to some of our key players.

  • Mark P Tjan
    Mark P TjanChairperson

    Mark is an event planner and skit producer, who’s been part of the fannish community some fourteen years now. Having co-founded and helped run a number of conventions, he’s now excited to be contributing to the costuming community in a big way.

  • Caitlin Thompson
      Caitlin ThompsonTreasurer

      Caitlin is the co-founder of Con-G, one of the showrunners at ConBravo!, and financial brain behind Costume-Con 35. When she’s not taking care of her sweet, fluffy babbies (re: cats), she’s making sure the universe doesn’t explode (or implode, whichever it’s trying to do).

    • Natalie Wallace
      Natalie WallaceHotel Liaison

      Natalie is an event organizer and long-time constumer from Ontario. When she’s not planning her next madcap adventure in cosplay, be it from comics, anime, games, or an original project, she’s running a social gathering or a tradeshow. She’s excited and honoured to be spearheading CC35.

    • Chloe Perelgut
        Chloe Perelgut

        Chloe is co-organizer of Anime North’s Friday Night Skit Contest, a dedicated costumer, social media wizard, and wrangles crowds, talent, and communities in her spare time (re: profession).

      • Dawn McKechnie
          Dawn McKechnie

          Dawn is among the most well-known showrunners of Ontario’s cosplay community, managing such sections at both Anime North and FanExpo in Toronto alone. She’s an accomplished costumer and loves giving back to the community, having run CC32 in 2014, and looking forward to the next one.

        • Maral Agnerian
          Maral Agnerian

          Maral, also known as “Sarcasm-hime”, is an accomplished costumer, showrunner, performer, and crafter. She served as Treasurer for CC32, and she loves costumes in all their forms, always seeking new inspiration from all sorts of places.

        • Ricky Dick
          Ricky Dick

          Ricky, aka Gravely MacCabre, is proprietor and showmaster at Castle Blood, Pennsylvania’s premiere haunted attraction. He’s also been a part of the costuming community for a good, long while, and overseen quite a few Costume-Cons himself.

        • Andrew Stodden
            Andrew Stodden

            Bio is forthcoming.

          • Eva Demers-Brett
              Eva Demers-Brett

              Bio is forthcoming.

            • Andrew Chin
                Andrew Chin

                Bio is forthcoming.

              • Gehana Booth
                  Gehana Booth

                  Bio is forthcoming.

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