Costume Exhibit

Come see some of the masterpieces our community has produced, both this year and in previous years. We’re working on a truly inspiring display!

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Masquerade

The Fantasy and Sci-Fi Masquerade showcases costumes from fiction, animation (including western cartoons and Japanese anime), graphic novels, and more.

Friday Night Social

The Friday Night Social is a themed party with food and drink, to help you get to know other attendees. Wear your best Hero or Villain outfit, or maybe you’re a fabulously dressed bystander? The Single Pattern contest will be held at the beginning of the Social.

Future Fashion Folio

Submit your original fashion and costume designs to the CC35 folio. A panel of judges will put together the Folio, which is sent out to all members and designers. Take any design you wish and create it for the fashion show.

Hall Costume Awards

Are you fond of showing off your costume in the halls? Well you’re in luck: Our sharp-eyed hall judges will be wandering, looking for gems in the crowd. Don’t be surprised if someone comes up to you and hands you an award for your awesome work!

Historical Masquerade

The Historical Masquerade showcases costumes from historical periods and cultures of human civilization. Special attention is paid to such aspects as period-specific techniques and accurate details.

Panels & Presentations

Roundtable sessions, presentations, and lectures on a wide variety of costume and community-related topics will be part of our programming. Registration for panels will be forthcoming.

Single Pattern Contest

A small selection of commercially available patterns are chosen and provided as a starting point to make anything you wish! Get creative and show off your skills!


Workshops are practical demos and tutorials of various arts and crafts, from sewing to smithing to mask-making, hosted by experts in their fields. Registration for workshops will be forthcoming.

Bobby Gear Memorial Quilts & Capes Contest

Costume-Con 35 is pleased to announce the addition of the Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt Contest to our line up of exhibits and competitions. Bobby inspired many with her wonderful quilts and costumes and we wish to continue on the tradition of keeping her passion alive and to continue inspiring.

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