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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

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When it’s time for you to exchange marital vows with your significant other, you need to think of ways to make your big day special. You should select a theme that is agreeable and significant fpr the both of you. Thailand offers you many beautiful, unique venues and settings for the ultimate wedding and even honeymoon. Moreover, you can use the services of a marry me wedding planner Thailand to take away the stress of putting everything in place for your big day.

Marry me weddings Thailand are convenient for both Thai nationals and foreigners desiring destination weddings in this Asiatic haven. Marry Me Thailand offers wedding planning services through convenient, affordable romantic packages to couples who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

The company is owned by a married couple who have a deep knowledge on Thailand and the competence to meet unique, individual needs for each wedding.

Three Crucial Reasons to Contract a Marry Me Wedding Planner Thailand

  1. Wedding planners ensure that there is proper coordination in the entire planning process as this is their expertise.

While Thailand is truly an enchanting tropical paradise, not all weddings are guaranteed of success. The stress of booking a venue, planning for a cake, and making travel arrangements for guests can be overwhelming. This creates room for failure in some planning aspects.

A marry me Thailand wedding is planned by professionals who have organised other events and are knowledgeable in what they do. Provided you give lots of information about what you want for your wedding, you can rest easy – knowing that your wedding will turn out fine.

  1. Wedding planners can reduce the cost for you.

If you’re organising a mega wedding, you will need all the discounts you can get to keep costs as low as possible. With the experience and connections of wedding planners, you can be certain that they will get discounts in areas like venue booking and wedding cake.

True, you will need to pay the planner for their services. However, in addition to the discounts they can bargain for you, you will not have to spend your resources getting information about several wedding issues.

With a marry me wedding planner Thailand, there are various packages that suit different budgets.

  1. You get to relax while waiting for the big day.

All the plans preceding a wedding are usually numerous and when coupled with the emotional implications of an impending marriage, the love birds can be overwhelmed.

With a marry me wedding Thailand, all these are handled for you. You can relax and spend more time selecting a tuxedo or a wedding dress as you undergo important counselling in readiness for the marriage.

For weddings in Thailand, you can try out many, different and amazing concepts. From roof top weddings and beach ceremonies to luxury resort weddings, you have the freedom to choose the venue of your dreams as the wedding planner willl help make the day a success. Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Phuket, Krabi, and Bangkok are some of the Thai locations that most couples choose to wed at.

To exploit the wedding planning services of Marry Me Thailand, visit their website on to view all their romantic packages.

5 Considerations when Planning a Party

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When planning a party, the natural inclination is to want to make it memorable and exciting for everyone attending. Regardless of whether you are having an intimate or grand celebration, you want to ensure that every detail is executed perfectly. It takes serious planning in order to make this happen. And for that, you might want to consider working with a party hire in Sydney. These are professionals who plan and manage parties for a living. Therefore, they know how to make sure that your event goes out as smoothly as possible.

But even when you hire a professional, nothing is guaranteed. To plan a perfect party, here are five things to consider with your party hire in Sydney:


This is a crucial component with which all aspects of your party planning will be based on. Before you get to determine various aspects of the party, such as the menu, décor and giveaway, you must decide on a theme. The theme is crucial for setting the mood and style for the party. It will also make it easier to find deco supplies and create a suitable menu. Plus, themes make parties fun and stand out even more! Find a creative party hire that can put together a great party based off of this theme.


This is another highly important consideration when working with a party hire in Sydney. You should decide on a budget first. If you cannot pinpoint the exact budget for the party, choose a range. This will help you in choosing a party hire that you can afford. Furthermore, you need to discuss your budget limitations (if any) with your party coordinator so they can choose what décor and menu to have based on that budget. The worst thing that could happen is for you not to discuss the budget with your party planner and end up spending more than what you can afford.


Once you have determined a budget and theme, you should focus on finding the right venue. There are a few factors to take into account when choosing a party venue: the number of guests and the theme of the party. The venue will also determine what you need for your party décor.


When planning an event, it is always important to take your guests into consideration. Taking your guests into consideration will ensure that they will have an enjoyable moment at the party. Aside from enjoyment, you want to make sure that they are also safe during the event.

Professional Party Planners

The above-listed considerations are only general factors to take into account. As you delve deeper into each consideration, it becomes more difficult to manage them all. Thus, you should consider tapping into a professional party planner to set up everything you need for the party – from food to décor to the program. It might seem like a simple task at first – something that you could easily manage on your own. However, it will take a lot of your time and effort to ensure that the party goes as planned.

Pamper Your Fountain Pen: How to Clean One

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Whether you are an old or new owner and user of luxury fountain pens, you’re certainly going to have questions about how to care for them. Fountain pens rely on capillary action to distribute the ink to the tip of the nib. It is inevitable to have foreign particles, fibers, and clusters of dried solvents of ink build up in the feed that interrupts the capillary action and affecting the writing of the pen. If one day you notice that your fountain pen’s writing is inconsistent or slow, then it is high time to refill the ink. If the ink is completely used up, then it is best to clean out the old ink. Here are some basic reminders to observe on how to clean a fountain pen:

Basic Parts of the Fountain Pen

Almost all fountain pens are made up of these basic gears: a nib (or the point of the pen, this is the decorative metal writing tip that is usually available in stainless steel, gold and other metals), a feed (the ribbed piece attached to the back of the nib), and the ink source (they can either be a converter, plunger, cartridge, piston, or vacuum). Many people do not recognize that in caring for your fountain pen there are definite necessities to solve the problems and avoid future ones.

Use Cold Water for Rinsing Only

Luxury fountain pens must only be rinsed with clean, cool water. You should never use warm water as it will damage the feed since it is made of metal and metal expands when heat is applied. If your fountain pen is too dirty, a teaspoon of ammonia mixed with some water can be soaked with the nib overnight. You can also utilize window cleaner solutions with ammonia because it aids to break up dry ink and dirt best. Check Notedian for more details.

Flushing Out Excess Ink

Fountain pen inks that are more than a year or two old should be examined first before use since one may contain mold that grew on the surface. The same can be said with old ink inside the nib. You can run some cool water by the faucet or by an ear syringe to flush the nib part until the water comes out clear.

Drying the Parts of the Pen

Since the nib is usually made up of metal, it is imperative for it to dry completely.

You should wrap the nib with a dry cloth and shake it to force the excess water out. It is best to leave it to dry overnight for it to completely dry before using. To store the nib for the overnight drying, you can use a toothbrush rack with a paper towel below where the nib will rest vertically.

Safe Storage

It is a rule of thumb for owners of luxury fountain pens to never store them horizontally.

This is because the ink will coagulate and dry in the nib making it problematic for the ink to flow and write properly. Keep the fountain pen capped in a pencil can or other type of holder with the nib pointed upwards. If you are not going to use your fountain pen for a week or more, empty the ink source or remove the cartridge.  For more info, visit