What to consider when selecting amusement rides hire


When planning for a memorable Birthday Party or any other event, you need a leading entertainment supplier to offer the best fun, variety and safety for your event. Do not look for the required equipment at the last minute. The professionals who provide the services require plenty of time to plan for the transportation. They will also have to start setting up the equipment some hours before the beginning of your special moments. It is commendable to book the amusement rides a few weeks before, so that the company you are renting from can get ample time to send the representatives to the location of the event to ensure that they will fit.

Additionally, you should do some background research prior the selection of the company because it is crucial to choose one with a good repute. Choosing an unreliable rental service may lead to the failure of your event. To avoid this, check the reviews of other clients who have utilized the services you need. It is possible to get an amusement ride hire in Melbourne if you are looking for one. Bailey’s bouncers pride themselves with providing their clients with everything they need. However, do not hesitate to contact more than one company to compare the prices and learn more about the services that they are offering. Your event will be greatly remembered if you choose something that makes you happy.

What to consider when selecting an amusement ride hire in Melbourne

Design and color

The design and colors of the amusement rides can make a difference, particularly if you are coordinating a themed event. Take time to consider your options for the best event possible.


Security is significant when it comes to amusement rides. You need to select a company that will test the amusement rides before your event begins. You can also have an idea of how essential the security is for the business by reading the reviews posted by their clients. Do not hesitate to ask about the safety measures they put in place if you have any query. You should as well find out how old the equipment are and how frequently they are maintained.


Choosing a company because they are offering their services at a low price is not discouraged. However, your selection should not only be based on the price. In many cases, you only get what you have paid for. The best amusement rides will not be cheap.

Quality and appearance of the rides

The quality of rides indicates the quality of the company you are dealing with. The better the company, the more reliable and safe the attractions the offer will be. Therefore, look for the service providers with modern equipment. Bailey’s bouncers is one of the companies that can offer amusement ride hire in Melbourne. They provide whatever their customers need at a new level of fun.  The about to be mentioned are some of the equipment that the company offers to make every event a success.

  •  Jumpers
  • Combos
  • Obstacles
  • Slides
  • Waterslides

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Play poker at the best casino source – online Australian poker machines


If gambling is what you find thrill in and poker is the game that enthralls you completely, and you cannot manage the time to pay a visit to the local casinos either because of a tight work schedule or because the casino is situated at a far-off place and takes good time to drive to, you should play the game of poker at the best casino source - Australian poker machines online that will let you put stakes on the virtual poker table anytime you want to. The best thing is that this is not the only benefit of playing poker at the online poker machines. The list is huge.

Best Casino Source - Australian Poker Machines Online
Best Casino Source – Australian Poker Machines Online

Low stakes and free games are there for new players

You may be a veteran in playing the game of poker and might know all the tricks and tips of playing the game, but a newbie should always opt for the best casino source – Australian poker machines online as that will let him understand the game and the various strategies to play it without much money initially. The beauty of online games is that stakes are allowed to be as low as 1cent or 2 cents, which is nothing even if you lose ten games on the trot.

There are many free versions of the game as well and hence if someone wants to do some practice before playing with high stakes, they can try the free versions of the online poker machines to get a feel of what exactly it is all about and how the game should be played so that maximum money is won after each deal.

As you choose the best casino source – Australian poker machines online to play poker, you might be lucky enough to get entitled for a welcome bonus where certain amount of e-cash would be given to you as a welcome gift. The welcome bonus will not be a very hefty amount but if it comes just by signing up with a particular website to play online poker, you should not shy away from accepting the welcome bonus at all.

Play at your comfort

Not only this, playing on the online poker machines lets you play the game in the comfort of your home or office or any other place where you are comfortable. The shady ambience of certain casinos and the serious image of the poker dealer in a casino may cause many new players to lose nerves as well as a lot of money.

Play multiple games at the same time

If you are a veteran and can handle multiple games at one go, online poker machines will give you the chance to play at multiple tables at the same time, which is never possible in a real life casino. If you are confident that you have the secret magic to win every deal, playing at multiple tables could prove to be beneficial as you would be able to multiply your gain manifolds, but at the same time, the threat of losing money manifolds also remains.

With most people keeping glued to the internet nowadays, online poker machines have a bright prospect as many expert players of the game of poker are finding it more appealing to play poker on the online poker machines, rather than playing in a real casino’s poker table.

Experience Strip Clubs the Best Way Possible with these Guidelines


Looking for great adult entertainment? Melbourne has some of the best of these places where charming Melbourne strippers cater to your personal satisfaction. While these places are indicated to give some excellent time, there are some rules that you should observe to ensure you get the finest experience.

Here are ideas to pick up to have a hot night out at strip clubs with Melbourne strippers:

Cash only! – There are a lot of reasons you ought to use money when hanging out at strip clubs instead of your credit card. Aside from not leaving any paper trail of the activities you had for the night, you are likewise restricting yourself to what you can spend. After all, it would be annoying to get up the next morning only to discover that your card has actually been maxed out.

Pick a long song for a lap dance – Usually, lap dances by Melbourne strippers are timed by song length, so demand the longest song you know from the DJ. Ask your favourite dancer to dance for you, pay the charge, and your tune should be starting.

Do not forget to tip for a lap dance – Similar to other clubs around the globe, it would be impolite not to give a tip for a lap dance at strip clubs in Melbourne. While you are paying the clubs themselves for the home entertainment that you will get for the night, no one pays them for such a private efficiency, so they should have an idea from you. After all, it would also make them better to perform for you!

Tip the bouncer – It is something to tip a stripper, and it is another to tip a bouncer. At Melbourne strip clubs, tipping the big man at the door could offer you a few additional advantages or perhaps unique attention. For instance, he could point you to the very best seat in the house or endorse you to the best stripper that they have.

Be nice! – Keep in mind to be a gentleman always at these places, and you will get a much better possibility to invest more time with the strippers. This does not imply that you need to show something–simply be great while being yourself. By doing this, you can develop an ambiance with a stripper who might, in turn, give you the night of your life.

Keep your hands to yourself, unless you are permitted to touch – The strippers Melbourne bar has are mainly near their bouncer pals, so if these ladies tell you not to touch them, then you better comply. While some clubs allow casual hand resting on the hips or shoulders, others execute a completely hands-off approach, so respect the rules.

It is a lot of fun to check out strip clubs and find Melbourne strippers, and by following the ideas discussed above, you will be able to get the most out of them. Now, to find the best strippers Melbourne has for a terrific night out, go to http://barbabes.com.au/.