Costume-Con 35 will be held at the Hilton Mississauga Meadowvale, in beautiful Mississauga, Ontario, Canada on April 20-24, 2017.

The hotel features 374 rooms for accommodating large groups and a beautiful 6000 sq foot outdoor patio for photography and socializing. Our event space will encompass the majority of the hotel, including all ballrooms and most of their breakout spaces.

To book a room, follow this link for the hotel block: http://bit.ly/CC35HotelBlock

The hotel is located just off the Highway 401 and Mississauga Rd, and is easily accessible via Mississauga Transit via bus route #44 North, connecting from bus route #1 at Islington Station for those using the TTC from Toronto.

Travel Directions

Travelling from Toronto (Bus)

Take the Westbound TTC Subway to Islington Station and transfer to the Route #1 West Mississauga Transit bus. At Erindale Station Rd, transfer to the Route #44 North. Disembark at Stop #2301 on Argentia Rd. and you will be at your destination.

Travelling from Toronto (Car)

Take the Highway 401 Westbound and exit at Mississauga Rd South. Drive south and make a right onto Argentia Rd. You will be at your destination.

Travelling within Mississauga (Bus)

Take any bus which links to the Route #44 North and travel to Stop #2301 on Argentia Rd. To look up your connecting routes, please use the MiWay trip planner.

Travelling within Mississauga (Car)

Take any road which connects with the Highway 401 or Mississauga Rd. If travelling via Highway 401, take it to Mississauga Rd, and exit South. Turn right at Argentia Rd. and you will be at your destination. If travelling via Mississauga Rd, take it to Argentia Rd. and turn West, and you will be at your destination.

Travelling from YYZ – Pearson Int’l Airport (Car)

From any terminal, drive onto the Highway 427 South and exit Westbound on the Highway 401. Exit at Mississauga Rd. heading South and turn right at Argentia Rd. You will be at your destination.

Travelling from YYZ – Pearson Int’l Airport (Bus)

Walk to stop #2908 on at Terminal 1 South, Arrivals. Take Bus route 7B South. Transfer at Eglinton Ave. and Orbiter Dr., stop #3520 and take Route #109 North, arriving at Meadowvale Town Centre Bus Terminal. Transfer at stop #2244 and get on Route #44 South to Argentia Rd. Disembark and you will be at your destination.

Travelling from the U.S.

If you’re flying into Canada, you’ll need a passport. For land crossings, you can get an enhanced driver’s license or passport card.

Information on the necessary identification (and how to get it) is here:


If money is a concern, you might want to check into flying to Buffalo and then driving or taking the bus to Toronto; it’s only a 2-hour drive and flights to Buffalo are often much cheaper.

Is crossing the border difficult?

Not really, you just want them to understand that you’re a harmless geek.  It’s best to have a printout showing something about the con, like a progress report or website printout, just to show the border services where you’re going and when you’re coming back. You basically want to be clear that you’re going to a geeky social gathering; if necessary explain that it’s like a Star Trek convention (most people are familiar with those). “Conference” is a better word than “Convention”, as the latter tends to translate as “Trade show” to border services.

Do I need Canadian money?

Many businesses will accept US funds but you may not get a good exchange rate.  If you don’t change money before you go, you can do it when you arrive; also, most ATMs will accept your credit and/or debit cards and allow you to withdraw Canadian funds from your US account.  Any card that has a Cirrus or Plus logo will work at Canadian ATMs. However you may not be able to use your US debit card when making purchases at businesses (credit card would be fine).

It’s also good idea to notify your credit card company that you’re leaving the country so your account doesn’t get frozen due to suspicious activity.

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