Bobby & Marty Gear Memorial Quilt Contest; Quilts and Capes!

Costume-Con 35 is pleased to announce the addition of the Bobby & Marty Gear Memorial Quilt Contest to our line up of exhibits and competitions over the weekend. Bobby & Marty inspired many with their wonderful quilts and costumes and we wish to continue on the tradition of keeping their passion alive and to continue inspiring.


  • There is no minimum size, however maximum size is a standard twin-size quilt (65”x93” or approximately length plus width = 160”)
  • All entries should meet the definition of a quilt; top, batting, and backing held together with stitching. Stitching may be quilting and/or embroidery, done by hand or machine.
  • Any shape is acceptable just please keep the maximum dimensions in consideration when designing and making your quilt.
  • Quilts must have a 3 inch deep hanging sleeve or tabs on the top back side in order to be hung for exhibit during the convention
  • Quilt patterns may be original, published, or whole-cloth quilts. If you are using a published pattern or are inspired by an artist, photo, or sculpture – please cite the source.
  • Any theme, colour, embellishment, technique, and fabric choice are allowed.
  • SF, Fantasy, and costume themes are welcome; though we highly encourage entries in the theme of our conventions – Heroes and Villains
  • Quilts may be entered by a group. If in the case of a group entry please list the names of all the contributors on the entry form.
  • All entrants must have at least a supporting CC-35 membership to enter; but are not required to attend to be eligible for prizes

How to Enter Your Quilt:

  • Full-Sized Quilts; add two sides of your together if it totals 80” or larger, enter it as a full-sized quilt. *Please note as stated above you may not exceed the maximum size of 160” height plus width.
  • Small Quilts and Projects: table runners, bags, wall hangings, small lap quilts, kids quilts, etc. *If enough miniature quilts (height plus width totally less than 30”) are entered, a separate category will be created for these.
  • Wearable Art; vests, jackets, skirts, etc…
  • Youth: if you’re under 13 you can enter here. You can of course ask for adult assistance but all the major construction (piecing, quilting, embellishment, finishing) must be done by you.
  • Convention Theme; Heroes and Villains!: Special for CC-35 quilts in the shape of capes! Or multiple capes together, whatever you want. Can be sized for pets, children, or adults.

How to Submit Your Entry:

  • Mail-ins are accepted and highly encouraged; even if you are attending the convention. The earlier it is received the easier it is to make awesome signage for the quilt displays.
  • The deadline for mail-in work is March 31, 2017. If it hasn’t been received by the end of that day, it won’t be exhibited unless you bring it with you and submit it at the convention. As the date draws closer we will update with the information for at con registration.
  • If you will be attending the convention you may of course bring your quilt with you then. Someone will be available to accept entries and have the paperwork available. If you are planing on submitting at the convention please contact the director in advance so we know to expect your entry.
  • Please make sure that your quilt has one contact person listed; name and address and email.

Getting Entries Back from the Con:

  • If you are not attending CC-35 and do not have someone who is able to pick up your quilt for you, we will return mailed-in quilts within 10 days after the Con. You MUST include return postage in order to have your quilt shipped back to you.
  • If you are attending CC-35, your quilts will be available for retrieval at the end of the convention.

Quilt Contest Submission Form

Cape Contest Submission-Judging Form

For questions or to reserve space in the show please contact:

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