Tips on Getting Great Studio Hire in Brisbane

Across Australia, and for a new kind of creative entrepreneur, smaller and less conventional is better. That is the thinking powering the growth of studio hire Brisbane offers. Many entrepreneurs, particularly the solopreneurs are looking for smaller office spaces that are creatively designed and which can also double as event or function spaces. People are not just pursuing cost savings in these communities but they are also looking for a sense of community as well as networking with like-minded entrepreneurs who are more or less travelling their journey.


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However, finding that ideal studio hire Brisbane has can sometimes be a challenge if you do not know what you are looking for. These spaces are generally quite ideal for startups which can be quite uncertain on how their business is going to pan out in the next two years or even in the next 6 months. For these businesses, it is about getting a scalable space where they will fit in their staff in the near future but a conducive environment where ideas can germinate and grow before you decide what to do with the business.

In a studio office space in Brisbane, you do not have to worry about being tied to long term costly building lease contracts with the landlords and you can get a great deal of flexibility for your lease. They are not just business incubation centres or a small office that is not home office. Some of the best engagement venues Brisbane has are also based out of the studio hire options in the city.

Here are some tips on how you can secure the best studio hire Brisbane offers:

Do a little detective work

If you are looking for that ideal space where you can pitch tent, you can burn your soles a little by visiting the various venues and determining if they will be a great match for your requirements. Don’t just expect to find that perfect studio hire Brisbane has by doing internet research alone.

Be flexible

When looking for a small creative studio office space, you have to be a bit flexible. Don’t be too rigid with your demands. Make compromises and you will find a nice place that suits you alright.  Also, don’t sign long-term lease contracts, especially if you are still desperately looking for funding.

Don’t look too much like the startup that you are

While studio office spaces are built for people just like you – creative, hungry and probably short on funds – it is important to remember that the landlords are businessman and they are not looking for a very broke guy who will struggle to settle the bills. Don’t betray your financial situation before you have even secured your nice little studio space. Generally, it is good to look a bit presentable and also be quite confident and assertive.

Use your networks

Looking for some nice boutique function room Brisbane has? You are not always going to get it on the internet search engines. Use your immediate and social networks for some ideas on the best places in Brisbane where you could pitch tent.