Various Styles of Dart boards

Darts are said to be over 100 years old now in Australia with the game being most popular in pubs. Today the growing popularity of the game has seen many Australians registering to compete at international platforms such as the world darts championships as professional players. An important aspect of the darts game is the dart board. If you are an avid lover of the game, you probably know how hard it is settling on vintage, new or even custom dart boards due to the plethora of styles flooding the Australian market. This article explores some of the styles available in the NSW market to make your purchase a relatively smooth one.


Customized dart boards

There are many companies offering custom dart boards in NSW.  Custom dart boards will offer users the chance to have their initials imprinted, have screen print photos on the playing surface as well as give them an opportunity to add embellishments to the exterior casing. Many teams in the world today have their own customized dashboards, which include their team mascot, team colors and even on occasions specific players.

Bristle dart boards

If a dart will hit in an awkward manner in these kinds of boards, the staple free thin wires serve to prevent bounce outs. They are self healing boards owing to the fact that they are constructed with sisal fibers. The points earned for a shot are denoted in each ring on the boards. Additionally, these kinds of dashboards allow the user to remove the numbers in situations where they add too much glare to the playing surface.

Magnetic dart boards

Magnetic darts are used with magnetic dart boards. These are there because in case the dart is misdirected, the darts possess no sharp tips that could injure onlookers. Also the board itself is flexible and is covered in cloth so that the wall behind it can be protected. Most sets will come with six magnetic, flat tipped darts. If you, however, want projectiles, you can purchase them separately. Pool Room Supplies

Electronic dart boards

Electronic dart boards eliminate the need for manually keeping scores as the computer will be recording the scores. There are those that are more advanced and can offer auto sleep feature, cyber play as well as link games across boards that are similar. You can also get electric NSW custom dart boards with the specific automated features you want.

Children dart boards

These are designed for kids and are made to capture the hand and eye coordination in children. They, therefore, employ the use of bright colors and huge sizes that are deemed attractive to children. Also they are made to be soft and flexible so that in case a child trips or falls on them, then they will not get badly injured. They are the most cheap custom dart boards in NSW.

For a family room, magnetic dart boards are ideal while the electronic ones are great for dens. Custom dart boards will create a more personal effect for the players.